Developer mentions Wii U for Unannounced Fantasy Medieval RPG

According to a French developer’s job listing (translated into very rough English):

  • Unannounced big budget (multi million dollar/euro) Fantasy Medieval Role-Playing is in the works.
  • The game is for PC / Mac / console.   It is currently in pre-production.
  • The job listing mentions “innovative peripherals (including Wii U)”.  Wii U is the only console mentioned on the job listing.
  • IS is a company being created based in Montreuil, Paris (France).
  •  The team is mainly composed of veterans of the gaming industry and has an internationally recognized expertise in the field.
  • Job listing says details will be announced to the press, between October and December 2012.
  • Offers Pre-employment training : Only one student per class maximum.

Here is the original job listing in French.

The developer had made another similar job posting made on Deviantart:

“We’re currently looking for freelances high poly 3D artists.
The project is a video game, an heroic fantasy RPG with higly detailled armors (~500 000 polys per character).  It’s not for real time, rather for rendering, 3D printing and other things of the same kind.

It’s a big project with a big budget (several millions dollars), but also with a lot of work.  Compensation will depend on quality and percentage of completion, from hundreds to thousands of dollars per character.

On another job listing looking for a web developer, it reads:

“Depending on your profile and your experience, you will be working on one or more of the following:
- Online store (physical distribution worldwide)
- Game site
- Forum, wiki
- Applications and promotional games online (mobile, facebook, etc.)”



Here is official Artwork from the game:

This character is called “The Dark Witch”.  The picture was posted with the job listing.


Marc Kruzic is the game’s creator.

According to his linkedin account, he is currently a project manager at Earthlings Games where he managed a series of 12 interactive storytelling games for children on iPad / iPhone / Android for Chillingo and Electronic Arts.  Earlier in his career, he regularly monitored the development of software localization for French distributed games at Big Fish Games.

Update: He has updated his LinkedIn with info on the the RPG and I.S.


Is this an example of a smaller developer with a multi-million dollar budget?    Many indie projects tend to just disappear, but this game seems to have an actual budget (millions of dollars) behind it.  I am curious to see if this project becomes anything real and not another “Sadness”.

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6 Comments to Developer mentions Wii U for Unannounced Fantasy Medieval RPG
    • ILikeFeet
    • excellent, the more RPGs the better. and if the game can match the art direction, then even better.

      if this is going to be a multimillion dollar project, I would assume they already have a publisher signed and ready. that publisher must have high hopes for this game.

    • Xblade13
    • I like how it says “innovative peripherals” and the only console listed is Wii U. PC will probably still have better graphics, but i think the gamepad’s touchscreen would woek wonders in an RPG. Not to mention, Nintendo could always use more new exclusives.

    • Poppy
    • Hope the game will be an alternative for RPG hardcores which will/replace action RPG like D3. Hopefully though Nintendo guys can as well advise the chaps how to make a good RPG game.

    • It’s a great way of not having to deal with the prospect of coming up with your own inventory. – Request a free carrier pick up from your front door. The upside is, that created more customers for folks selling physical products.

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