Wii U: Two Years of Negative Brand Momentum

When a consumer thinks about a product or service, they tend to associate words with it.

It reminds me of a funny scene from the comedy film “Coming to America” when the character Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) is having a conversation with the boss’s daughter, Lisa McDowell.


Akeem: I have recently been placed in charge of garbage. Do you have any that requires disposal?

Lisa McDowell: No. It’s totally empty.

Akeem: When it fills up, call me. I will take it out most urgently.

Lisa McDowell: That’s good to know.

Akeem: When you think of garbage, think of Akeem.

Coming to America

Akeem reminds Lisa three times that he is the person responsible for garbage.   When he reminds her the third time, he simplifies it down to “Akeem = garbage” so she will remember.

Word association is powerful.  When certain words with negative connotations are associated with your product or brand, they can significantly damage your product’s image and reputation.  These words become associated with your product after they are repeated over a long extent of time.  For example: “Nintendo = kiddy”  or “Wii brand = Weak graphics”.

There is an old saying:  If people hear something repeated enough times, they may start believing it.

Article Headlines

Here’s an example with the Wii brand.  This is a small sample of article headlines from 2008 through 2013.

Dust off your Wii, it’s time to watch a DVD” – June 13, 2008  (Joystiq)

“High Voltage made The Conduit as a reason to dust off your Wii” - March 22, 2009  (GoNintendo)

“2010: The year the Wii stops gathering dust” – April 3rd, 2010   (Destructoid)

“Why my Wii has been collecting dust” - Nov 20th 2010  (SlashGear)

“How would you make a broom and dust pan attachment work for the Wii?” – Jan 18, 2011  (Destructoid)

“Gathering dust is all Wii is doing” – March 11, 2012  (Fudzilla)

“How much dust covers your Wii?” -July 6, 2011  (CNET)

“The Nintendo Wii turns five today, dust yours off and say happy birthday” – Nov 19, 2011  (Gizmodo)

Wiijected: Readers’ Sad Pictures of Dusty Nintendo Controllers”  - July 6, 2011  (Wired)

Wii consoles gathering dust survey says” – March 10, 2011  (ComputerandVideogames)

“Time to dust off the Wii, here comes Zelda” – November 18, 2011  (Geekosystem)

Dust off your Motion Plus for Wii Play Motion in June” – April 12, 2011  (Nintendo Life)

“The Last Story trailer blows the dust off your Wii” – Feb 14, 2012  (ComputerandVideogames)

“5 reasons to dust off the Wii” – June 23, 2012  (Brashgames.co.uk)

“Nintendo doesn’t think your Wii U will collect dust”  - Sept 17, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Just Cause 2 developer’s Wii U dev kits are collecting dust” – May 9, 2013  (GameSpot)


Do you see a pattern?  Each of the article headlines associates the Wii brand with dust.

If consumers hear the words “Dust” and “Wii” repeated together for multiple years, consumers begin associating those two things as the same thing  (Wii = dust).  It doesn’t matter if it’s Wii or Wii U.  Most people will only see the “Wii” brand and lump Wii U into that brand.   In the mind of a consumer, the words “Wii” and “Dust” start becoming synonymous.

The consumer assumes:  “When you think of Wii, think of dust.  So Wii U must collect dust since it’s another Wii.”

It is Nintendo’s responsibility to CHANGE this negative consumer perception.  This perception can potentially kill the Wii brand for the Wii U.

It doesn’t matter if there is any truth behind Wii branded consoles collecting dust.  For example, you could be a person who plays your Wii/Wii U every day.  Consumer perception is not (always) about the facts or the truth.  Consumer perception is about…well…perception.  If enough people around you are saying something, then your perception becomes the new reality.  For example, the reality is you could list a ton of M rated GameCube games, but the perception is GameCube was a “kiddy/toy” console that lacked M rated games for adults.  Perception defeats reality.

The Console of  ”NO!”

Back on April 15th, I read a Time.com article about how the Republican party was trying to get rid of their image of being the “the party of no” and re-brand themselves as “the party of solutions” instead.  Some Republicans believe Obama won because the liberal media labeled Republicans as the “Party that says no to everything”.  This reminded me a little bit about Nintendo’s current third party situation with Wii U.

According to the article:

“After several days of debating how to restore their party’s brand, Republican leaders left a party confab in Los Angeles last week in agreement that they can no longer be “the party of no.” But they were less clear on what to say “yes” to.”

How does the Republican party being branded as the “Party of No” relate to Wii U?

In the minds of consumers, the perception of the Wii U brand is that it is “The console of NO”.  

wii the console of no

Does Nintendo want the image above to be the reputation of the Wii U for the next five to six years?

If a consumer is told over and over again that “(insert game here) is not coming to Wii U”,  a negative perception is created in the mind of consumers.

Once your console gains a negative stigma that it lacks in major areas (or genres), it becomes very difficult to change consumer perception about your product.

You have to create the perception that your console is not lacking in any area.  Why do you think Reggie Fils-Aime in a CNN interview said Call of Duty looked visually superior on Wii U than PS3/360?  Or when Satoru Iwata says Wii U is not far behind PS4/Durango in graphical capabilities? Because even if its not the truth, you have to create the perception (or the illusion) in the minds of consumers that Wii U doesn’t lack in any area.

During the 90′s, why was Howard Lincoln so determined to bring sports titles to the Nintendo 64?  Because if people believe you lack in major areas (M rated cinematic games or the sports genre), it will chase consumers away from your product for the rest of its lifespan.  It’s about avoiding that negative stigma attached to your product: “Oh, you’re that console that doesn’t do sports” or “You are that console that lacks software diversity”.  Howard Lincoln understood that the appeal of sports was universal.

Here is a quote from former chairman Nintendo of America Howard Lincoln during the Nintendo 64 era:

“One of the reasons, as I read it, for Sony’s success is that they’ve gotten a lot of great EA sports titles, as well as great Sony sports titles. That is what is driving their business and we have got to do a better job in the sports franchise area. So I’m more concerned about that.  Maybe I’m not looking at it as a gamer, but a business man,”  said Howard Lincoln.

Anyone who tells you that Nintendo platforms can be successful without third party support is delusional.

  • Nintendo has limited resources/studios/staff spread between handhelds and consoles.  Expecting them to consistently release software without delays every month is not going to happen.
  • Nintendo can’t make every genre or type of game every single year.  Nintendo even admits that not every genre is their specialty.
  • Nintendo doesn’t hold licenses to every single popular sports league, movie, TV show, cartoon or comic book character.

When third parties don’t support your system, the press will write negative things about your console.

Negative press leads to negative word of mouth.

Negative word of mouth leads to negative consumer perception.

Negative consumer perception leads to lower than normal hardware sales.

Low hardware sales lead to low retailer confidence.


Wii U: Two Years of Negative Brand Momentum

People ask me why there is so much negativity about Wii U.

Nintendo’s biggest mistake was allowing the Wii U’s problems to grow into a popular internet meme/internet joke where everyone laughs at the product.  People post animated gifs to joke about it.  A room of game developers at GDC laughed with Mark Rein as soon as Wii U was mentioned.  Wii U is now a meme.  Wii U is now a joke inside of the gaming community.  And it’s Nintendo’s fault for allowing the negativity to reach that high of a point.

In fact, Wii U’s problems have become such an internet meme, that people are posting videos of “mock funerals” for the Wii U.

I don’t know if Wii U’s brand image can recover from social media treating Wii U as a running joke.  I don’t know how Nintendo’s PR team will fix this.  Nintendo has done a crummy job of defending their product, and it’s sad that they expect Nintendo fans to defend this product every day.  They basically expect Nintendo fans to do the job of their PR team (and their marketing team).

Back in December 18, 2012, I read an article from yougov.com talking about how the McAfee brand’s consumer perception was at it’s lowest in five years

According to the article:

“McAfee and Symantec were measured with YouGov BrandIndex’s Buzz score which asks respondents: “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”  The article continues,  “Anti-virus software company McAfee, Inc. is currently at its lowest consumer perception in five years, with more consumers reporting they have heard recent negative news vs. those hearing positive news about the brand.”

I started thinking about how negative news can hurt brand momentum.  I found a quote from an article at gallup.com that said it best:

“Why do consumers care about brand momentum? Why does momentum matter? Why should the “bandwagon” play a role in attracting — or repelling — customers? Because we all want to affirm the wisdom of our choices, if not with the world at large, at least with those whom we deem as relevant peers. We care about the apparent momentum of the brands that compete for our attention, and it obviously makes a difference whether this momentum is positive or negative,says the gallup article.

The point is, consumers don’t want to feel like idiots when they purchase something.  Customers like to be told that they made the right choice in what they purchased.  They want to feel confident in their purchases.  Consumers want their friends or the media to affirm the wisdom of their choices.  If you’re someone who doesn’t care about what others think of your purchases, you’re in the minority.

Negative Wii U news being repeated over and over from the media (from E3 2011 through May 2013) will make a consumer less confident in purchasing that product.  Game consoles are not a simple purchase.  They are a four-to-six year investment.

Can things turn around for the better for Wii U?  Of course they can.  PlayStation 3 screwed up its launch.  3DS botched its launch.  They both turned their problems around and became successful.

But how much negativity can a product go through until the brand’s reputation has been permanently damaged?  Negativity over this console is happening every day.  Even after Nintendo Directs when announcements are suppose to make people happy.

Nintendo being silent during all of this negative press for Wii U is like allowing a forest fire to grow out of control.  In this case, the Wii U’s product image is like a forest, and Nintendo are the firefighters. When the press keeps talking about a fire, the first instinct is to get out of there. By the time Nintendo decides to finally save the product’s image with a solid holiday 2013 lineup of games, some consumers will have likely already taken up camp with competing products in order to avoid getting burned.

Negative momentum is bad because it only leads to more negative momentum.  Bad news snowballs into more bad news.  If you push a snowball down a hill, it grows larger and larger.  It is the same deal with negative momentum.  Negative momentum is a snowball effect. 



An example of how negative momentum can build up over time until it eventually crashes. Nintendo needs to prevent this from happening with Wii U.

For the record: Negative 3DS press lasted nowhere near as long as Wii U.  3DS was praised at E3 ’10 and it was riding on *mostly* positive press until its disastrous launch.

Recently I collected a list of articles from June 2011 (when Wii U was first revealed) through May 2013.  I listed them in chronological order.  The point is to show how the momentum in negative Wii U press built up over two years.  It’s a snowball effect.  Imagine a consumer hearing all of this negativity for two straight years.  Basically drilling it into people’s heads that Wii U is a poor product.



 June 2011 (E3 2011)

“We Might Have Just Witnessed the Beginning of the End of Nintendo” – Jun 7, 2011  (Geekosystem)

“Why Nintendo’s Presentation Tanked Today And The Wii U Will Be A Bust” - Jun. 7, 2011 (Business Insider)

“Wii U gets mixed reaction from gamers and stock markets” – June 8, 2011  (TheGuardian)

“Nintendo Wii U underwhelms investors” – June 8, 2011  (Reuters)

“Nintendo Shares Fall To Lowest In Five Years After Wii U Reveal” – June 8, 2011  (Gamasutra)

“Did Nintendo Just Screw Up the Launch of Wii U?” – June 8, 2011  (Forbes.com)

“Nintendo admits it faked Wii U game footage” – June 8, 2011 (TGDaily)

“The Wii U Begins not With a Bang but a ‘What?’” – June 8, 2011  (Tech News World)

“Farewell GameCube, the Wii U doesn’t play you” – June 8, 2011  (Kotaku)

“Is Wii U the new Sega Dreamcast?” – June 9, 2011  (ZDNet)

“The Wii U might be too little, too late” – June 9, 2011  (Kotaku)

“Wii U ports to be “minimally successful” – June 9, 2011  (Eurogamer)

“Nintendo stock slide continues” – June 9, 2011  (Edge)

“Nintendo president puzzled by investor reaction to Wii U” – June 9, 2011  (Reuters)

“The Wii U has been beaten to the punch by an…iPad game” – June 9, 2011  (Kotaku)

“How the Wii U could fail” – June 11, 2011  (Examiner)

“Iwata: Wii U E3 Reveal Confusing; Won’t Be Cheap” – June 10, 2011 (Tomsguide)

“Why Nintendo’s Next-Generation Wii is a Dud” – June 10, 2011  (Wall Street Daily)

“id Software skeptical about Wii U hardcore games” – June 11, 2011  (bit-tech.net)

“Wii U fails to impress CNET UK readers according to our poll” – June 13, 2011  (CNET.com)

“Wedbush declares Wii U “two years late” – June 13, 2011 (gamesindustry.biz)

“OnLive does everything Wii U does” – June 13, 2011  (Eurogamer)

“Wii U is not next-gen says Michel Ancel” – June 13, 2011  (Videogamer.com)

“Pachter:  Wii U is ‘two years, too late,’ has dumbest name ever”  - June 13, 2011  (Game Informer)

“Nintendo May Be Leaving Casual Gamers Behind With Wii U” – June 13, 2011  (The Motely Fool)

“Nintendo’s Wii U trick leaves gamers pissed.  Is the Wii U even real?” – June 13, 2011  (tqcast.com)

“Wii U:  Are you confused?” – June 14, 2011  (IGN)

“Nintend’oh! Wii U wont feature DVD or Blu-ray playback” – June 15, 2011  (Time.com)

“Well, this sucks: Wii U to only support one Wii U controller” – June 16, 2011 (dvice.com)

“Feature: Nintendo Really Screwed Up With the Nintendo Wii U” – June 16, 2011  (Gameplaytoday.com)

“Nintendo May Fail to Replicate Wii Success as IPhone Games Bloom” – June 19, 2011 (Bloomberg)

“Sony: Wii U is no threat, says welcome to 2006 Nintendo.” – June 20, 2011  (NintendoLife)  (Via Forbes.com)

“Nintendo: Wii U not significantly more powerful than Xbox 360, PlayStation 3″ – June 21, 2011 (Venture Beat)

“The Wii U won’t blow away rivals” – June 22, 2011  (Gizmodo)

“Nintendo’s Miyamoto: ‘Not Our Goal’ To Become The Number One Online Gaming Company” – June 22, 2011  (MTV.com)

“PlayStation Vita beats out Wii U in game critics best of E3 awards” – June 28, 2011  (Kotaku)



July 2011

“Wii U: Nintendo kept their own devs in the dark” – July 1st, 2011  (Eurogamer)  

“Nintendo belongs in the toy aisle” – July 3rd, 2011  (Examiner)

“Wii U is a really cool stop gap – Gearbox”  - July 7, 2011  (Eurogamer)

“Wii U improves on current gen, says Gearbox, but system isn’t next generation” – July 7, 2011  (GamesRadar)

“T3 readers want the PS4 and Xbox 720 more than Wii U” – July 9, 2011  (WiiUGo)

“Naughty Dog: PS3 and PS Vita does everything Wii U can do”  -  July 14, 2011  (Destructoid)

“The problem with potential: Why I fear for the Wii U” – July 15, 2011 (ZDNet)

“Wii U: Are Haters Right?” – July 26, 2011  (Game Theory Online)

“Japan is More Pumped for the Vita Than the Wii U, But Why?”  - July 29, 2011  (Attack of the Fanboy)

“Today in Tech: Nintendo losing in clash with Apple” – July 29, 2011  (CNN)



August 2011

“Sony’s Vita can do some of what Nintendo’s Wii U does” – August 2nd, 2011  (Kotaku)

“Is Nintendo stealing from Apple?” – August 4th, 2011  (IGN)

“Wii U ‘Looks Like a Fisher Price iPad’, Nintendo ‘Not in a Good Way’” – August 22nd, 2011 (GameRevolution.com)

“Wii don’t need it: Refuting the cult of next gen consoles” – August 29, 2011  (Complex)


September 2011

“Wii U is in ‘development hell’ claims tipster” – September 8th, 2011 (CVG)

 ”Why Nintendo will never be great again” – September 8th, 2011  (Daily Finance)

“The Wii U doesn’t work yet” – September 9th, 2011  (Toplessrobot.com)

“Is the Wii U all its cracked up to be or has Nintendo lost the plot” – September 21st, 2011 (makeuseof.com)


October 2011

“Survey: 58 percent of indie devs say Nintendo is difficult to deal with” – October 4, 2011 (NintendoLife)

“Can Hulu save Nintendo from Apple?” – October 21, 2011  (ReadWrite)

“The Nintendo Wii U apparently has nothing going for it” – October 24, 2011   (MyNintendoNews)

“Nintendo Wii U to be company’s last console analysts suggest” – October 27, 2011  (International Business Times)



November 2011


“Nintendo Wii U: How a casual audience will be its downfall – November 2, 2011  (Electricpig.co.uk)

“Survey finds Japan uninterested in Wii U and Vita” – November 8, 2011  (Eurogamer)

“This is why Street Fighter X Tekken isn’t on Wii U or 3DS” – November 13, 2011  (Destructoid)



December 2011

“Isn’t it about time Shigeru Miyamoto left Nintendo altogether?” – December 8, 2011  (Sabotage Times)


January 2012

“As Apple soars, Nintendo expects first annual loss”  (Giant Bomb)


March 2012

“Pachter suggests the Wii U may be Nintendo’s Dreamcast” – March 13, 2012  (Destructoid)

“4 reasons the Wii U will fail” – March 15, 2012   (MakeUseOf.com)

“Publishers twice as keen on PS4 and Durango than Wii U” - March 21, 2013   (VG24/7)


April 2012

“Developers claim Wii U weaker than PS3, 360.”  - Apr 3, 2012 (Yahoo)

“Wii U ‘not up to the same level’ as PS3, Xbox 360 – Developers”  - Apr 3, 2013  (GameSpot)

“Pachter is concerned at lack of third party support for Wii U” – April 17, 2012  (VG247)

“Death by a thousand cuts: The iPhone is killing Nintendo” – April 26th, 2013  (Cult of Mac)

“Growing doubts over Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console”  -  Apr 30, 2012  (Yahoo)


May 2012

“Who wants a Wii U? Not three out of four gamers.” – May 9, 2012  (Venture Beat)

“Global Survey Of Gamers Finds Nintendo Wii U Lags Far Behind Sony PlayStation 4 And Microsoft Durango” – May 17, 2012  (Forbes)

“PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U losing appeal in Japan” – May 17, 2012  (Japan Daily Press)



JUNE 2012   (E3 2012)

“Wii U “doesn’t look like it’s innovative” says John Romero” – June 4, 2012  (gamesindustry.biz)

“Nintendo Wii U:  New console faces tough launch in world of Angry Birds” – June 4, 2012  (The Guardian)

“Wii U fails to make a splash, but some features impress” – June 5, 2012  (Entertainment Weekly)

“Nintendo’s E3 Press Briefing Game Lineup Failed to Sell the Wii U” – June 5, 2012  (1Up)

“E3 2012: Did sony and Microsoft steal Nintendo’s Wii U thunder?” – June 5, 2012  (Blast Magazine)

“5 reasons Wii U is doomed, and 5 more reasons it may not be” – June 5, 2012  (Uproxx)

“I’m still not impressed by the Wii U” – June 5, 2012  (Crave Online)

“Nintendo’s ‘quirky’ new Wii U: Underwhelming?”- Jun 6, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Lackluster E3 for Nintendo raises more Wii U questions” - Jun 7, 2012  (Yahoo)t

“It’s official: The Wii U is in deep, deep trouble” – Jun 7, 2012   (SlashGear)

“E3 attendees: Somewhat unimpressed with the Wii U” – June 7, 2012  (Business Insider)

“What’s up with the Wii U name?” – June 8, 2012 – (CNN)

“Nintendo’s Wii U a flop?” – June 8, 2012  (The Motley Crew)

“Wii U processing speed low compared to 360/PS3 says Tekken producer” – June 10, 2012  (Digital Spy)

“Nintendo had a lot to prove at E3, unfortunately it failed to impress” – June 12, 2012 (TechVibes.com)

“Nintendo Wii U: I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”  - June 12, 2012   (CNET UK)

“How Nintendo lost E3 2012″ – June 13, 2012  (IGN)

“Iwata: Xbox Live and PSN are too far developed for Nintendo to catch up” – June 13, 2012  (ComputerAndVideogames.com)

“Nintendo’s E3 2012: Reactions show hardcore gamers lost faith in Wii U (graph)” – June 13, 2012  (Venture Beat)

“David Jaffe Predicts Console Extinction; Unimpressed by Wii U”  - June 14, 2012  (GameRant)

“No Dead Space 3 on Wii U” – June 15, 2012   (GameSpot)

“Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick not ready to back Nintendo Wii U” – June 18, 2012  (Digital Trends)

“Take-Two’s Zelnick ‘skeptical’ of Wii U, not of next generation” - June 18, 2012  (Joystiq)

“Nintendo has two choices: Fix the Wii U marketing, or get screwed” – June 18, 2012 (The Penny Arcade Report)

“Miyamoto says Wii U might not be as powerful as the next Xbox and PlayStation” – June 20, 2012  (MyNintendoNews)

“Is the Wii U already irrelevant?”  - June 23, 2012  (The Game Effect)

“The Wii U’s Power Problem” – June 25, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Nintendo’s Wii U has major issue with ‘capability’ ”  June 28, 2012  (GamesIndustry.biz)


July 2012

“Wii U is “effectively a 360″ says Microsoft” – July 4th, 2012  (Games Industry International)

“In Apple, Nintendo’s new console faces a powerful foe” –  July 5th, 2012  (Business Week)

“Is the Wii U set up to fail?”  - July 7th, 2012  (Gamelitest)

“Tekken Boss brands Wii U GamePad distracting for fighting games” – July 9th, 2012  (Eurogamer)

“Editorial:  Is the Wii U doomed?” – July 16, 2012  (Game Informer)

“Nintendo says Wii U isn’t competing with Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 as industry figure claims Nintendo will go software-only”  - July 23, 2012  (Digital Trends)

“Pachter: Wii U is not going to work” – July 16, 2012  (Destructoid)

“Former EA Executive thinks Nintendo heading towards software only” – July  24, 2012  (Explosion)


August 2012

“4 reasons why Wii U will fail”  - August 1, 2012  (GameXplain)

“No Wii U version for WWE 13 says THQ exec” – August 1, 2012  (ComputerAndVideoGames)

“Nintendo’s ecosystem will ultimately fall apart’ – Ngmoco” – August 2nd, 2012  (VG247)

“Madden NFL 13 on Wii U missing major PS3/360 features” – August 3rd, 2012  (Polygon)

“Is Wii U really the next generation” – August 3rd, 2012  (Venture Beat)

“Game dev students give Wii U mixed marks at early demo” – August 9, 2012  (arstechnica)

“Former Vigil dev bashes Wii U, says its games suck and it’s a gimmick” – August 15, 2012  (GoNintendo)

“F1 2012 skipping Vita and Wii U to ensure 360 and PS3 versions maintain quality” – August 31, 2012  (Videogamer.com)


 September 2012

“Bethesda not yet convinced by Wii U” – September 7, 2012  (IGN)

“Nintendo Wii U: Launching in Apple’s Shadow”  - September 10, 2012  (Games Industry International)

“Nintendo has failed to create anticipation or confidence in Wii U” – September 10, 2012  (MyNintendoNews)

“Is the Wii U destined to fail?” – September 13, 2012  (Examiner)

“Can the Wii U save Nintendo?” – September 14, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Nintendo gambles with Wii U” – September 14, 2012  (Marketwatch)

“Wii U: Irrelevant Before It’s Even Released?” – September 14, 2012   (Volt)

“If Wii U is the next advance in gaming, where is online?” – September 14, 2012  (Polygon)

“Opinion piece: Wii U fails to impress” – September 14, 2012  (Thoseguys.tv)

“Yes the controller is awesome, but what exactly makes this console next gen?” – September 14, 2012 (Thumbactive.co.uk)

“Why you shouldn’t preorder the Wii U yet” – September 16, 2012  (Slash Gear)

“Nintendo’s Wii U not enough to impress today” – September 17, 2012  (Tampa Bay Times)

“Wii U is still missing the Wii’s trump card — universal appeal” – September 17, 2012 (TheVerge)

“Five reasons not to buy the Wii U from a reputable British newspaper” – September 17, 2012 (Kotaku via The Sun)

“Nintendo doesn’t think your Wii U will collect dust” – September 17, 2012  (Kotaku)

Nintendo’s new Wii U fails to impress – September 18, 2012  (TheStylus.net)

“Wii U reviewed: How Nintendo are turning innovation into stagnation” – September 18, 2012  (Sabotage Times)

“Wait to buy a Wii U” – September 19, 2012  (Tech News Daily)

“What is Nintendo thinking?  The Wii U looks like a dud.” – September 19, 2012  (Technology Guide)

“Tekken producer on Wii U’s online:  ’I don’t understand it’ ” – September 19th, 2012  (Destructoid)

“I hate the Wii U pro controller” – September 20th, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Can the Wii U compete with the Xbox 720 and PS4?” – September 20th, 2012   (TGDaily)

“Wii U’s slow CPU a challenge for one launch developer” – September 21st, 2012  (Slash Gear)

“No Far Cry 3 on Wii U”  - September 21st, 2012  (GameSpot)

“There’s a Wii problem at Nintendo?” – September 21st, 2012   (Whatculture)

“Wii U will be region locked” – September 24th, 2012  (IGN)

“Why does everyone want Wii U fail?” – September 26, 2012  (Crave Online)



October 2012

“Report: Chinese Kids Were Used to Manufacture the Wii U [Update]” – October 17, 2012  (Kotaku)

“MCV: Wii U is a stop gap system, real successor is still to come” – October 19, 2012  (NintendoLife via MCV)

“Nintendo’s Wii U voice chat mess: Console might not support wireless headsets” - Oct 20, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Four potential problems with Wii U” -   (Crave Online)

“Financially strapped Nintendo confirms Wii U will be sold at a loss” – October 25, 2012  (Yahoo)


November 2012  (Wii U launches)

“The Nintendo Wii U has a big problem: Sibling rivalry” – Nov 4, 2012  (Forbes)

“First Wii U problem? Not knowing which screen to look at”  - Nov 10, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Wii U won’t have a universal achievements system” – Nov 12, 2012  (VG247)

What If Nintendo Released A System And Not Even They Cared? – Nov 14, 2012  (Geekosystem)

“Why America’s most popular gaming genre likely won’t work on Nintendo’s new console” – Nov 15, 2012 (Engadget)

“The Wii U will boost Nintendo, but can it save the company?”  - Nov 15, 2013  (CNBC)

“Why the Wii U might be set up for failure” –  Nov 16, 2012  (Venture Beat)

“How moderated is Miiverse? It’s a police state! (Update)” – Nov 17, 2013 (Destructoid)

“Wii U Owners Bummed Out By Huge Firmware Update” – Nov 18, 2012  (Kotaku)

“New Nintendo Wii U launches – But do consumers want it?”  - Nov 19, 2012  (Fox News)

“Mass Effect 3 ‘Omega’ DLC skips Wii U” – Nov 19, 2012  (Game Informer)

“10 things I hate about Wii U” – Nov 19, 2012  (Wired)

“Bricked Wii U Count Increases Due To Impatient Software Updaters”  - Nov 19, 2012  (Wii U Daily)

“Wii U has a horrible, slow CPU says Metro Last Light dev” Nov 20, 2012  (NowGamer)

“Wii U systems crash. Nintendo blames online update.” – Nov 20, 2012  (Christian Science Monitor)

“New Nintendo Wii U console off to a rough start.” – Nov 20, 2012  (CBC.ca)

“DICE developer:  Slow CPU will Shorten Wii U’s Life” – Nov 21, 2013  (NOW Gamer)

“The Shortcomings of the Wii U hardware” – Nov 21, 2012  (GameSpot)

“Wii U debuts with some issues, but its biggest obstacles are yet to come” - Nov 22, 2012 (Yahoo)

“Nintendo Network Accounts Tied to Only One Wii U”  - Nov 25, 2012  (Tom’s Hardware)

“Atari founder baffled by Wii U” – Nov 26, 2012 (GameSpot)

“Nintendo’s Wii U Makes a Crummy First Impression” – Nov 26, 2012 (Daily Finance)

“Inventor of ‘Pong’ says Nintendo’s Wii U will fail” – Nov 26, 2012 (Yahoo)

“Why Borderlands skipped Wii U” – Nov 26, 2012  (GameSpot)

“Wii U CPU is a ‘bottleneck,’ Digital Foundry concludes”  - Nov 26, 2012  (Shack News)

“Digital Foundry Says Batman Wii U Is A “Disappointing Current-Gen Port” – Nov 27, 2012  (MyNintendoNews)

“Xbox 360 Black Friday Sales nearly double Wii U” – November 28, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Sony’s PlayStation 3 beats Nintendo’s Wii U over Black Friday” – November 29, 2012 (NBC News)

“Nintendo president apologizes for gigantic Wii U update” – Nov, 29, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Molyneux: ‘The Wii U is good, not great” – Nov 29, 2012  (CVG via GamesIndustry International)

“Wii U Issues: Top 5 Problems Plaguing Nintendo During Launch Of New System” – Nov 29, 2012 (International Digital Times)

“Turns out a lot of people have no idea what the hell a Wii U is” – Nov 30, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Wii U ‘slightly confusing’, says Molyneux” – Nov 30, 2012  (GameSpot)


December 2012

“Wii U Sales Top 40K in UK But Fail to Reach Top 10″ – Dec 3, 2012  (International Business Times)

“The Wii U’s lack of DLC support has me worried” – Dec 6, 2012  (Gamer Revolution)

“Nintendo Wii U will not become hardcore gamer’s darling – Analyst”  - Dec 6, 2012  (XBit Labs)

“Wii U’s restrictive DRM is a baffling throwback” – Dec 6, 2012  (arstechnica)

“Is Nintendo’s Wii U already irrelevant?” – Dec 7, 2012  (TGDaily.com)

“Bioshock Infinite skipping Wii U” – Dec 10, 2012 (GameSpot)

“Analyst: Wii U software attach rate is 1.2 in U.S.” – Dec 10, 2012  (Destructoid)

“Wii U, Allow me to Introduce You to Error Code 108-0075″  - Dec 11, 2012  (TechnoBuffalo)

“Most of Early 2013′s biggest games seem to be skipping Wii U” – Dec 12, 2012  (Kotaku)

“Sales of Wii U in Japan trail original Wii launch numbers” – Dec 12, 2012  (PC World)

“Wii U’s Buyers Remorse Thread” – Dec 13, 2012  (NeoGaf)

“When only 42 people are playing Madden on Wii U, It’s not a sports console” – Dec 16, 2012  (Kotaku)

 ”The long, frustrating road to recovering my Wii downloads” – Dec 17, 2012  (Arstechnica)

“Metal Gear Rising: Koji-Pro not thinking about Wii U port” – Dec 18, 2012   (VG247)  (via Eurogamer)

“Test Drive: Is the new Wii U a flop?” – Dec 20, 2012  (Bloomberg)

“Nintendo moves into the living room where Apple will eat its lunch again” – Dec 20, 2012  (ReadWrite)

“The Wii U is Nintendo’s last console” – Dec 28, 2012  (Yahoo)

“Nintendo’s Wii U wobbles as sales sink” – Dec 28, 2012  (Yahoo)


January 2013

“Wii U’s Failure to Launch: What Nintendo Needs to Fix in 2013″ – Jan 3rd, 2012  (Entertainment Fuse)

“‘Crysis 3′ not coming to Wii U due to lack of “business drive” – Jan 7, 2013  (Digital Spy)

“Game industry poor sales party due to Wii U says Pachter” – Jan 7, 2013  (Cinema Blend)

“When it comes to the Wii U’s online store, Nintendo is dropping the ball” – Jan 8, 2013  (Kotaku)

“Next Xbox, PS4 already have a leg up on Wii U” – Jan 9, 2013  (GameSpot)

“A sense of dread shrouds Nintendo’s Wii U” – Jan 11, 2013  (Yahoo)

“How the Wii U didn’t steal Christmas” – Jan 16, 2013  (GenGame)

“Big games slip out of Wii U’s launch window” – Jan 17, 2013   (Yahoo)

“Wii U launch line up dries up as several big games slip” – Jan 17, 2013  (Kotaku)

“Is Nintendo’s Wii U doomed already? Or just fashionably late?”- Jan 17, 2013  (Kill Screen Daily)

“Nintendo’s Wii U problems turn into a crisis” - Jan 18, 2013  (Yahoo)

“Nintendo ‘behind the next gen curve’ – Screen Digest” – Jan 25, 2013  (ComputerAndVideogames)

“Wii U misses out on Tomb Raider due to unconventional controller” – Jan 28, 2013  (TheVerge.com)

“Waning support from third party publishers spells big trouble for Wii U” – Jan 28, 2013  (Financial Post)

“Why Stranger’s Wrath and Other Oddworld titles are unlikely to come to Nintendo” – Jan 29, 2013  (Gameranx)

“Nintendo’s Wii U sales struggle” – Jan 29, 2012  (Eurogamer)

“Is Wii U the next Dreamcast?”  - Jan 29, 2013  (Nintendojo)

“Nintendo lowers Wii U sales outlook” – Jan 30, 2013 (Yahoo)

“Nintendo Lowers Forecast for Wii U” – Jan 30, 2013  (New York Times)

“Nintendo posts unexpected loss as Wii successor falters” – Jan 30, 2013 (Yahoo)

“Will Wii U join the gaming graveyard?”  - Jan 30, 2012   (Fastcompany.com)

Calls for Wii U price cut begin after Nintendo financials – Jan 30, 2013  (Edge)

“Nintendo chief rules out price cuts for Wii U” – Jan 31, 2013  (Yahoo)

“We Didn’t Know Nintendo Wii U Sales Were This Bad” - Jan 31, 2013  (Inquisitr)

“Is it game over for Nintendo?” – Jan 31, 2013  (Yahoo)



February 2013

“3 things Nintendo must do to survive” – Feb 1, 2013  (CNN.com)

“Nintendo says it won’t cut Wii U price despite slumping sales” - Feb 1, 2013  (Yahoo)

“EA CEO Doesn’t Think Wii U is a ‘Next Gen’ Console” – Feb 4, 2013  (Forbes)

“Ubisoft says gamers just don’t understand the Wii U” – Feb 6, 2013  (Escapist Magazine)

“Wii U’s struggle to remain relevant” – February 07, 2013  (IGN)

“3rd Party Developers are already bolting on the Wii U” – Feb 7, 2013 (Uproxx.com)

“Wii U is looking like a flop, and Nintendo could be in trouble” – Feb 8, 2013  (MSN.com)

“Nintendo’s digital content problem and how the Wii U is making things worse” – Feb 8, 2013  (Engadget)

“Activision’s Kotick ‘disappointed’ by Wii U launch – Feb 8, 2013  (Destructoid)

“Nintendo fan is unhappy with Nintendo’s $200 answer to his $400 Wii U problem – Feb 8, 2013 (Kotaku)

“Is the Wii U game onslaught too little, too late?” – Feb 9, 2013  (Benzinga)

“Game Over: Why video game console sales are plummeting”  - Feb 11, 2013  (Time.com)

“Has the Wii U’s launch been a disaster?” – Feb 12, 2013  (Crave Online) 

“Uh-oh: Nintendo sold 57,000 Wii U units in the U.S. in January” – Feb 15, 2013  (CNET.com)

“Wii U Sales Tanked in January, Should Investors Worry?” – Feb 15, 2013  (CNBC)

“Shockingly low Wii U sales point to a console in crisis” -  Feb 15, 2013  (Yahoo)

“Wii U: 8 Reasons its a Failure” – Feb 15, 2013  (Whatculture.com)

“Nintendo’s future called into question as Wii U sales plummet” – Feb 15, 2013  (Yahoo via BGR)

“Retail calls for Wii U price cut and new strategy” – Feb 15, 2013  (MCVUK)

Nintendo Wii U sales bomb in US; good or bad news for Microsoft? – Feb 15, 2013  (Neowin)

“Nintendo should become a pure software developer” – Feb 16, 2013  (Explosion)

“Developers pulling back on Wii U” – Feb 18, 2013  (Fudzilla)

“Pachter deems Wii U a “mistake” Nintendo can’t recover from” – Feb 18, 2013  (VG24/7)

“Is the Wii U Nintendo’s Dreamcast?” – Feb 19, 2013  (TheKoalition.com)

“Ubisoft CEO not satisfied with Wii U sales” – Feb 21, 2013  (NintendoLife)

“Cliff Bleszinski says Nintendo will out of hardware race:  Wii U = Dreamcasted” – Feb 25, 2013  (HipHopGamerInc)

“Japanese weekly Wii U sales fall below Vitas for the first time” – Feb 27, 2013  (Eurogamer)

“Study: 4.6 percent of developers making Wii U games” Feb 28, 2013  (GameSpot)


March 2013

“The Nintendo Wii U’s troubles start with a dearth of developers” – Mar 1, 2013  (Venture Beat)

“Wii U could be Nintendo’s first flop” - Mar 15, 2013  (Yahoo)

“Game industry sales slide as Wii U continues to disappoint” - Mar 15, 2013  (Yahoo)

“What’s going on with Nintendo’s Wii U?” – March 15, 2013  (Time.com)

“2013 Wii U Sales Look Dismal” – March 15, 2013  (IGN)

“Wii U Sales Drop Off A Cliff As The Future Of Gaming Continues To Shift Away From The Console” – March 15, 2013  (Tech Crunch)

“What Games Are:  Where did Wii U go wrong?” – March 17, 2013  (Tech Crunch)

“Stop the Nonsense, Nintendo: The Wii U Needs Help – And Now”  -  March 17, 2013  (Slash Gear)

“Two more core games skip Wii U release” – March 18, 2013  (MCVUK)

“Wii U Woes: No ‘Saints Row 4,’ No ‘Dead Island,’ Possibly No ‘Battlefield 4′ ” – March 18, 2013 (GameRant)

“Wii U could be GameCube all over again – Retail” – March 21, 2013  (Now Gamer)

“5 things Sony and Microsoft can learn from Wii U” - Mar 28, 2013  (Yahoo)

“Don’t expect the next Dragon Age or Mass Effect on Wii U” – Mar 28, 2013  (Kotaku)

“Mark Rein laughs at the idea of Wii U running Unreal Engine 4″ – Mar 29, 2013 (GoNintendo)

“Is Nintendo giving up on Wii U?” – March 31, 2013  (Nasdaq)

 ”Wii U Price Cut fails, but Nintendo promises answers” – March 21, 2013 (Metro)

“Wii U sales so poor retailers considering scaling back support” – March 22, 2013  (Geek.com)

“Nintendo Amazingly Gets Worse At Marketing Just In Time For Plummeting Wii U Sales” – March 25, 2013  (Tech Crunch)

“The Wii U is dying – 8 ways Nintendo can fix its console” – March 27, 2013  (GamesRadar)

“Battlefield 4 not coming to Wii U” – March 28, 2013  (Game Informer)

“GameStop: Wii U sales “disappointing” but PS4 purchase intent “strong” – March 28, 2013 (Gamesindustry.biz)

“Talking Point: An Open Letter to Nintendo”- March 28, 2013  (NintendoLife)

“Is the Wii U a failure?” – March 30, 2013   (Geek Insider)

“DICE calls Wii U low spec and digital game sales are up” – March 31, 2013  (QJ.net)



April 2013

“Peter Moore says EA isn’t working on any more Wii U games” – Apr 2, 2013  (Wii U Daily)

“GoNintendo ‘End of Day’ thought – Are you worried about Nintendo? – Apr 4, 2013  (GoNintendo)

“Is Wii U the next Dreamcast?” – April 4, 2013  (iAfrica)

“Sony’s PS Vita comeback continues as Wii U flails” –  Apr 5, 2013  (Yahoo)

“5 Reasons Why Wii U Owners Shouldn’t Panic” – Apr 5, 2013  (Crave Online)

“Poor Wii U sales serve as an ominous omen for Sony and Microsoft” – Apr 8, 2013  (Explosion.com)

“Pachter says Wii U is a crappy product”  -  April 9, 2013  (GoNintendo)

“The Wii U is not a failure” – April 10, 2013  (Geek Insider)

“South African retailer slices Wii U price in half” – Apr 12, 2013  (Nintendo Life)

“Wii U: The Box of Broken Promises” – April 14, 2013  (GenGame.net)

“Pachter: Price drop won’t help Wii U” –  April 15, 2013  (Gamesindustry.biz)

 ”Wii U sales reportedly tanked again in March, no rebound in sight” – April 17, 2013 (Yahoo)

“Will Mario Wii U be enough?” – April 18, 2013  (IGN)

“The Curious Case of the Missing Wii U games” – April 18, 2013  (Wii U Daily)

“Nintendo’s Wii U advertising reaches for the panic button” – April 22, 2013  (Kotaku)

“Nintendo expected to announce second straight loss Tuesday as Wii U flops” – April 22, 2013  (The Star)

“Nintendo To Announce Devastating Financial Losses; Will Wii U Survive? Will Iwata Resign?” – April 23rd  (International Digital Times)

“Talking Point: The Wii U’s Identity Crisis” – April 23rd, 2013  (NintendoLife)

“Where did you go? – Nintendo Wii U’s success” – April 23rd, 2013  (Pixel Enemy)

“Nintendo Wii U sales in dire straits, being outsold by original Wii” – April 24, 2013  (Yahoo via BRG)

“Wii U a Global Sales Flop as Old Wii Outsells Nintendo’s New Casual Dream” – April 24, 2013  (Gizmodo UK)

“Satoru Iwata stepping in as NOA CEO following weak Wii U sales, diminished forecast” – April 24, 2013 (NBC News)

“Opinion: Nintendo needs to wave goodbye to Wii U to become the handheld king” – April 24, 2013  (Pocket Gamer)

“Is poor old Mario super enough to save Nintendo’s Wii U?” – April 24, 2013  (Tech Radar)

“Weak Wii U Sales Hurt Nintendo’s Profits” –  April 24, 2013  (Mashable)

“Can Nintendo Overcome Wii U’s Q1 Flop?” – April 25, 2013  (Nasdaq)

“Nintendo forgot Marketing 101 for Wii U” – April 25, 2013  (GamesIndustry.biz)

“Nintendo: Wii U Lacks Big, Captivating Game” – April 25, 2013   (Gameranx)  (Tech Investor News)

“Iwata admits Nintendo’s failure with the 3DS and Wii U” – April 25, 2013  (Ripten)

“Why the Wii U is destined to become the next Sega Dreamcast” – April 29, 2013  (Explosion)



May 2013

“Nintendo to Wii owners: the Wii U is an entirely new system, not just an upgrade”  - May 1st, 2013  (Engadget)

“A Nintendo Wii U is your “Cheap-Because-It’s-Failing-Deal-of-the-Day” – May 2nd, 2013  (Gizmodo)

“1991′s Super Mario World Is the Best Wii U Game Yet” – May 2nd, 2013  (Wired)

“Nintendo’s getting a little desperate in attempts to sell Wii U”  (Yahoo)

“Electronic Arts Frosbite engine not too promising on Wii U” – May 7, 2012  (NBC News)

“Nintendo’s Big Problem” – May 7th, 2013  (CNN Money)

 ”Six months in, is the Wii U dead in the water?” – May 8th, 2013  (ExtremeTech)

“Next-gen EA games will skip Wii U due to performance issues with Frostbite engine” – May 8th, 2013 (Engadget)

“EA developer: Wii U not powerful enough for next-gen titles” – May 8th, 2013  (TechRadar)

“Wii U to miss out on 15 EA games using Frostbite Engine 3″ – May 8th, 2013  (Eurogamer)

“Wii U Dev Kits Just “Collected Dust” at Avalanche Studios”  - May 8th, 2013  (IGN)

“Avalanche Studios steering clear of Wii U development due to low user base and poor communication” – May 9th, 2013  (Polygon)

“Wii U to miss out on EA’s Star Wars games” – May 9th, 2013  (MCVUK)

“How to fix Nintendo” – May 9th, 2013  (CNET)

“Five reasons the Wii U will suffer the same fate as Sega Dreamcast” – May 9, 2013  (GameNGuide)

“End of Day thought – Is your Wii U feeling lonely?” – May 10th, 2013  (GoNintendo)

“Rumor: Several Wii U dev kits returned to Nintendo untouched” – May 10th, 2013  (Wii U Daily)

 ”Wii U vs. PS4, Xbox 720: Top 3 Ways Nintendo Can Save Its Console” – May 10, 2013 (iTechPost)

“Rumour: Rockstar Won’t Be Bringing WWE Or Grand Theft Auto To The Wii U” – May 10, 2013 (NintendoLife)

“Insomniac not working on Wii U, says system is more current-gen than next” – May 10, 2013  (GoNintendo) (IGN)

“No reason to buy Wii U if you have a tablet, it’s a $300 Miyamoto box says game exec” – May 10, 2013  (GoNintendo)

“Skullgirls for Wii U ‘isn’t looking likely’ without increased console sales, dev says”  - May 13, 2012  (Polygon)

“Gamers throw mock funeral for Wii U” – May 14th, 2013   (Wii U Daily)

“Ubisoft’s Q4 2012/13 Wii U sales are in the negative” – May 15th, 2012  (GoNintendo)

“Digital Foundry: Wii U GamePad Isn’t As Complex As The Most Basic Android Tablet” – May 15, 2012  (MyNintendoNews)

“WWE games confirms 2K14 for Xbox 360 and PS3, no mention of wii U or next generation” – May 15, 2012  (Game Informer)

“EA isn’t making Wii U games : Do you care?”  - May 17, 2013   (Time)

“FIFA 14 not coming to Wii U due to poor FIFA 13 sales”  - May 17, 2013  (Joystiq)

“Nintendo Wii U – Death by Apathy” – May 17, 2013  (Gamesindustry.biz)

“EA Seninor Engineer: The Wii U is crap” – May 17, 2013  (IGN)

“Nintendo’s software problem for Wii U just went from bad to worse” – May 17, 2013  (NBCNews.com)

“Problems mounting for troubled Wii U” – May 17, 2013   (Yahoo)

“The new Wii U seems to be a dead end trip to nowhere” – May 18, 2013   (The Lawton Constitution)


From the article headlines above, what words were repeated over and over to describe Wii U for two straight years?

  • Weak
  • Dreamcast/Dreamcasted
  • Fails/Failure
  • Flails
  • Flop
  • Fails to impress/Failed to impress/Not enough to impress
  • Collect Dust
  • Problems
  • Underwhelming
  • Confused
  • Don’t understand
  • Puzzled
  • Mixed Reaction or Mixed marks
  • Poor
  • Dread
  • Dead
  • Survive
  • Panic
  • Worried
  • Disaster
  • Crisis  (3 articles below use “Crisis” in headline)
  • Trouble or Troubles
  • Struggle
  • Dismal
  • Tanked
  • Sinks
  • Plummet
  • Slip/Slips
  • Low
  • Slow
  • Skips/Skipped Wii U
  • Not coming to Wii U
  • Lack of (games, power, marketing, third party support, innovation, DLC support)
  • “Save Nintendo”
  • “End of Nintendo”
  • Crummy
  • Crappy
  • Irrelevant
  • Price Cut
  • Desparate
  • Unhappy
  • Hate
  • Horrible
  • Rough
  • Bad
  • Worse
  • Game Over
  • Nintendo president apologizes

Would a consumer want to touch a Wii U when they keep hearing words like, “Dead”, “Panic”, “Disaster”, and “Crisis” for two straight years?  No, those words will scare consumers away.  Those words sound like a plot from a Michael Bay film.

These words can inflict permanent damage to the Wii U brand even after price cuts and strong first party games are released.

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