Thirteen Wii U and 3DS Developers Discuss Nintendo’s Region Locking Policies

Over the last month, there was a great deal of debate about whether current (and future) Nintendo hardware should go region free or remain region locked.  As you already know — Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita are all region free leaving Nintendo as the only console maker in the industry that is actively carrying out region locking policies.

This caused Nintendo fans to create a petition (click here) that has received over 23,468 signatures and plenty of media coverage behind it. Cheesemeister, a member at NeoGaf, launched a fan campaign with hopes of persuading Nintendo to go region free. The momentum of the campaign hit its peak around the time Satoru Iwata spoke to IGN’s Richard George about Nintendo’s region locking policies.

Jonathan Holmes, an associate editor for, gave me his personal perspective on Nintendo’s region locking policies.

“Nintendo’s stance on region locking speaks to the continuing presence of the “old man” side of the company that is perennially out of touch with the priorities and concerns of the modern consumer. It’s the side that came up with friend codes. It’s the side that locked away DVD playback functionality from the Wii. My guess is that the rampant piracy on the DS has pushed the company towards tightening the leash when it comes to whatever holes region locking.  Region free consoles may have potential coding exploits, but more so, region free consoles send a message that you can do whatever you want with the hardware.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the DSi went region locked, just as Nintendo and all DS publishers realized just how rampant DS-based piracy had become,” says Holmes.

Holmes further explains,  ”What the more traditional, parental powers at Nintendo don’t know, or at least doesn’t see, is that the days of controlling what consumers have access to are over.  Japan is no longer an island nation. The internet has changed that. The multiple points of entry on home consoles for hacking has changed that. Our culture has changed that. Today’s consumers aren’t satisfied with what’s handed to them on TV and the radio. They’re seeking out products on Netflix, on Pandora, and on The Pirate Bay that are tailor made to suit their interests. These consumers wont feel any affection for a company that seeks to limit their options.”

Not everyone shares Jonathan Holme’s opinions on region locking.  Earlier this month, Josh Thomas from tweeted “So about 16,000 people don’t want you [Nintendo] to bother translating Japanese games anymore.”  Josh believes that Nintendo fans ‘can’t have their cake and eat it too’.  From Josh’s perspective, Nintendo fans can only pick between region free or localisations, but they can’t have both.

TheBitBlock tweet

After reading Josh’s tweet, I was soon reminded of some tweets from Shahid Kamal Ahmad, the Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe.  Last month, Shahid asked Sony fans what JRPGs they wanted localized/translated on the PS Vita, a region free device that is already capable of playing imports.

According to Shahid, Sony fans CAN have all of their cake and eat it too.  Something that Josh believes is impossible to get from Nintendo. 

  • Sony fans get region free hardware.
  • Sony still localizes Japanese games in the west
  • In fact, Sony takes it one step further by asking fans what games they should localize.



Earlier this month, I also had a friendly discussion with two highly respected Kotaku writers/editors, Stephen Totilo and Jason Schreier.  Kotaku was one of the first sites to aggressively cover the campaign before other sites jumped on board.  For example, Schreier wrote this article (as well as this article) which cover the region locking campaign extensively. After IGN’s Richard George asked Iwata about region locking during his E3 interview, I was surprised that Totilo didn’t ask Reggie or Miyamoto any questions about region locking during his otherwise excellent E3 interviews. Especially since the theme of E3 was consumer rights — something that was noticeable from the cheering at Sony’s press conference.

But Totilo reassured me that there’s more opportunities in the future to ask Nintendo about region locking.

“I hope you’ll judge the quality of Kotaku’s interviews with Shigeru Miyamoto and Reggie Fils-Aime based on what was in them rather than what we were “guilty” of not having in them,” says Totilo. “I’m sure that those people who were interested in seeing these senior Nintendo people talk about everything from the predictability of Nintendo’s 2013 E3 Wii U line-up and the high quality of the new Pikmin to Nintendo’s controversial Let’s Play policies and their approach to female video game characters as we did. We interview both men with some regularity, and I’m sure opportunities to ask about region locking will arise again.”

Totilo also mentions a video that they filmed involving Reggie and a fan.

“Do bear in mind that it wasn’t all that long ago that we ran video that I filmed of Reggie fielding a gamer’s question about region-locking, something he apologized for at the time. This was widely covered by the Nintendo enthusiast press,” says Totilo. “E3 isn’t the only time to ask about region-locking. It also wasn’t the last opportunity. I’m sure it’ll come up again. Needless to say, Nintendo hasn’t rushed to reply to Jason’s latest request about the company’s region-locking policies. The new fan campaign against Nintendo region-locking certainly provides more impetus to ask about this in-person the next time we can.”

Schreier says this isn’t the first time that Kotaku has approached Nintendo on the topic of region locking:

“In addition to what Stephen said, I asked Reggie Fils-Aime about region-locking in September, before the Wii U launched. He didn’t give much of an answer, which is why you won’t find it on our site. Sometimes, that’s what happens – we ask questions and don’t get much of an answer, and we don’t waste everyone’s time by posting a non-story on Kotaku. That’s why it’s best not to assume that reporters aren’t asking these questions when they very well might be,” says Schreier.

It’s disappointing that Reggie Fils-Aime wouldn’t give Schreier (or any journalist) much of an answer, but it’s not surprising either. 

After having a friendly discussion with both men, I decided to reach out to some people who have pretty close relationships with Nintendo — Game developers. 


What Developers Think of Nintendo’s Region Locking Policies

Over the last month, we’ve heard a lot about region locking from both fans and journalists.  I felt it would be interesting if we reached out to some officially licensed Nintendo developers for their opinions on Nintendo’s region locking policies. Because they are small businesses releasing games on Nintendo platforms, I knew there would be a whole range of perspectives on the matter.


Developer: Renegade Kid

Nintendo Licensed Developer:   Yes

Games: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Wii U), Moon (Nintendo DS), Treasurenauts (3DS), Cult County (3DS)

“In this era of digital distribution, region locking doesn’t make much sense.  Every game should be a simultaneous worldwide release, because DIGITAL.  Right now, we have to submit our games to NOA and NOE, separately. This slows down the process and can make it difficult to achieve a simultaneous release in different territories. Being able to submit one game to Nintendo, and then have the option to release in all territories would be a big improvement on the submission system,” says Jools Watsham, Co-Founder & Director of Renegade Kid.

“The age rating boards also need to take note from the ESRB’s example of how publishers apply for age rating. The European age rating systems is something that also slows down the process for us,” says Watsham.

Snowcastle games

Developer:  SnowCastle Games

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games: Festival of Magic (Wii U)

“I think Region Locking is a self-damaging form of DRM. It limits legal distribution and strongly motivates paying customers to start using pirated software. Imagine buying a product legally on a vacation or getting it shipped from a different region, only to find that it does not play on your hardware due to a region lock! I’m sure many with that experience have been so frustrated that they have taken the time to figure out how to use pirated games instead,” says Bendik Stang, the founder of Snowcastle Games.

PD Design Studio

Developer:  PD Design Studios

Nintendo Licensed Developer:   Yes

Games: Dusty Revenge (PlayStation Network), Dusty: Raging Fists (Wii U)

“I feel that region lock is an archaic mechanism in today’s context. Goods move freely and information too. Why shouldn’t games move freely too? Imagine if other products that we own or information is region locked too! Companies have to start thinking for their customers or risk losing out to other companies that have adapted,” says Keng Jin, founder of PD Design Studio.

Broken Rules

Developer: Broken Rules

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Chasing Aurora (Wii U eShop) SECRETS OF RÆTIKON (Wii U eShop)

“Region locking is a restriction that content publishers of old wished for. We, being a young indie studio, are not interested in restricting or controlling the access to our games. The more people can play them, the better. From our naive perspective, it is that simple,” says Martin Pichlmair, who handles the business development and marketing side of Broken Rules.


Developer: Shin’en Multimedia

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Nano Assault Neo (Wii U), Jett Rocket II (3DS),  FAST Racing League (WiiWare)

“Especially for handheld machines we think it is great to have no hardware region lock. Buying retail games on holiday would be much easier this way,” says Manfred Linzner, CEO of Shin’en Multimedia.



Developer: Notion Games LLC

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Super Ubi Land (Wii U eShop)

“I personally do not understand the concept behind region locking. I can’t see the benefits of this. There’s nothing worse than not being able to play a game that you are really interested in because of it not being able to play on your region specific console. It limits the potential for gamers to experience all the game for a system they support and it limits the amount of players a developer can reach out to. No good at all,” says Andrew Augustin, founder of Notion Games LLC.



Developer: Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:   Armillo  (Wii U eShop)

“Although I understand that Nintendo region locking is due to differences in regional content and ratings, I can’t see why these things can’t be worked around.  Instead of prevention, I would instead like to see a disclaimer warning the player about regional differences but still allow them to play after agreeing to certain terms.  People who buy out of region games already know what they’re getting into, and is really a very small portion of their consumers.  But removing the region lock goes a long way towards showing that they are listening to their customers,” says James Saito, founder of Fuzzy Wuzzy Games.


Developer:  Tribute Games

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes (for both Wii U and 3DS)

Games:  Wizorb,  Mercenary Kings 

“I do understand the interest for a publisher to region lock a game. (Pricing, different publishers per territory, sensitive content and so on.) But in the end, gamers know what comes with importing a game. If that means having to play a game in a foreign language, they should have the choice to make that decision. We have to be forward thinking and respect the globalization of the market,” says Jean-Francois Major, co-founder of Tribute Games.


Gears for Breakfast

Developer: Gears For Breakfast

Nintendo Licensed Developer: In the process of becoming a Wii U developer.

Games:  A Hat In Time

“As a developer, region-locking doesn’t make much sense to me. I understand the financial advantage of being able to prevent importing. However, if the lock was removed and people were able to purchase games abroad they couldn’t play else-wise, then that would result in higher sales and even out the loss. Without region-locking, costumers are given more freedom and are more likely to be able to enjoy a larger array of franchises.  This is important to me, as I know we have fans in Japan and China, and if we weren’t doing an all-digital release then they wouldn’t be able to enjoy our games at all,” says Jonas Kaerlev, Director of “A Hat in Time”.


Developer: Astrogun LLC

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Cider (Wii U eShop)

“It’s pretty clear we live in a fairly globalized society now, and building bridges with consumers everywhere is not only smart for a console holder, but opens up markets substantially to developers, especially smaller developers whose products could really use that kind of accessibility.  That would be much more consistent with the type of global digital download and market accessibility we’re getting ever more used to every year online, but even region-specific digital stores on consoles seems odd.  If there’s a way to work out a universal ability to release a game globally, especially digitally, that would be very interesting.  I truly believe listening to what gamers want is crucial, and nothing made that clearer this year than the controversies surrounding Xbox One. For any console-holder to make their devices region-free delivers on that kind of passionate demand,” says Xander Davis, the founder of Astrogun.


Developer: AckkStudios

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Two Brothers (Wii U eShop, PSN),  Project Y2K (Wii U eShop)

“Many U.S. gamers are bilingual, and love to play games from all over the world. Sadly, not every game gets localized.  Removing region locks means we’re given the chance to play games that we’d never be given the opportunity to play! I’ve always been an importer of games, even if I had to mod my system to do so or buy a foreign console. One game I still play is the Bleach fighting game for the PSP, which doesn’t have an ounce of english in it, nor does it need any! Without region lock on the PSP, I was able to play many games that never came here… plus the boxes smelt like Japan!,” says Brian Allanson, co-founder of AckkStudios.



Developer: Uncade LLC

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Another Castle (Wii U eShop)

“To be honest I’m not sure where I stand on the region locking issue. Removing it I think would be great for consumers, but from what I understand having separate regions allows lower pricing in poorer countries. One thing I do hope for, especially as digital distribution becomes more prolific, is that most content will be localized thereby removing the need to import games in the first place.” says David Byers, founder of UnCade LLC.


maestro interactive games

Developer: Maestro Interactive Games

Nintendo Licensed Developer:  Yes

Games:  Percy’s Predicaments (Wii U eShop),  Fade Into Darkness (Wii U eShop)

“In my own gaming collection I have three imported titles. Shonen Jump Superstars, Last Window, and Xenoblade Chronicles.  Given that you might assume that I’m totally in favor of region free consoles but I’m not 100% on other side of this debate. Consumer choice is always good. However, I can clearly see the reasons why Nintendo wants to lock down its systems, and just because Microsoft and Sony have decided against it doesn’t make Nintendo’s reasons any less valid.” says Monty Goulet, the founder of Maestro Interactive Games.

“One of the main reasons I can’t see why the abolition of region-locking will make any difference is purely personal; I simply don’t import that many titles.  Secondly, release dates are now closer together than ever before. In the case of the Wii U, Pikmin 3 will launch across all three territories in the space of three weeks. Are you honestly going to pay more to get the Japanese version? Now I know most of the debate is over titles that won’t be released in certain regions so I want to mention that as well.” says Goulet.  ”It’s a safe bet that if a region free console existed during Xenoblade chronicles, it would have never made it to Europe, and ultimately the US as the petitioners simply would have imported it.”

Goulet ends his thoughts with the following, “Region locking allows Nintendo to manage its international business in a more effective manner, as it knows that money spent marketing games in a particular region will — for the most part — result in games being purchased in the same region, not from another.  From a business standpoint, I can clearly see where Nintendo is coming from and support it, but as a gamer, I would love to be able to play more titles than what are available in just the US.”


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27 Comments to Thirteen Wii U and 3DS Developers Discuss Nintendo’s Region Locking Policies
      • Anti
      • I don’t even remember any recent JRPGs localized by Sony. I know they rejected localizing Demon’s Souls because they didn’t want to take the risk, and regretted the decision after it became a hit in North America because Atlus was willing to localize it. They only localized Soul Sacrifice for the Vita because the sales are faltering in North America due to the lack of exclusives.

        • D
        • Actually, Atlus tweaked one item description, SONY had already localized it for the Hong Kong release, but they declined to publish the game in the west.

    • Luther Tchofo Safo
    • I see it the way of Goulet, it allows Nintendo some better management over their titles. With Pikmin 3 as an example, they start with the Japanese market that they know they will own, then with the momentum of the Japanese aura of the game — both in sales and reviews — they head West with the smaller market, Europe, and use the happy experiences of Japan and Europe to build even more expectation for the game in the biggest videogame market: America.

      Region-locking is part of Nintendo’s strategy and is justified with international rating boards. Just like the prior unability to download games after midnight on the Wii U in Europe — which NoE solved with the German law–, freeing region-locking is something Nintendo can do and can adapt to, but it will cost some efforts to which I truly doubt they see a benefit for the company.

      One thing for certain: it’s not because Sony and Microsoft are doing it that Nintendo will do it.

      • Alex
      • Supposed niche titles are the problem. I’m from Europe and I imported my 3DS device because I do not want to rely on the mercy of fourth parties to get licensing rights to a game and release it across Europe.

        Buying a European 3DS was never an option for me because I primarily play Atlus titles and those are known to have difficulties with being released in Europe. Even Fire Emblem, a Nintendo title, released 10 weeks later in Europe.

        Now I have to import every single game that I want to play on my 3DS (I’m not a fan of Nintendo’s digital distribution system and its lack of an account system) and naturally, I will think twice before getting another one. I’m certain that I would have bought more games by now if I had the choice between buying them locally and importing those that don’t get releases here. I’m currently in the process of learning Japanese and I would like to import and play some Japanese titles but that’s not possible.

        This is also why I will never consider buying a Wii U until Nintendo removes its region lock or the device is hacked far enough to be able to remove it. Importing them is too expensive.

        • Luther Tchofo Safo
        • From a gamer’s perspective, there is really this one issue that bothers me with region-locking: not being able to play local games with people who have 3DSs from other territories. This is something that I think REALLY deserves to be changed. I couldn’t play Mario Tennis Open with my brothers overseas, and it’s a shame to know that we’ll never get to play Fire Emblem Awakening’s co-op together.

          I’m from Europe as well and when it comes to the core of region-locking, I know many who solved their problem in the simplest of ways: they bought an extra Japanese 3DS with imported games. It’s definitely more expensive but it’s still an option. Yet I would so love to be able to download play from foreign 3DS’s and play Japanese games with a friend who owns a Japanese 3DS.

    • James
    • I’m sorry, but that Shahid mention was kinda dumb.

      Nintendo is the one bringing Dragon Quest games to the west, helping with Monster Hunter, Professor Layton and Bravely Default.

      Sony on the other hand blocked Monster Hunter and Type 0 is left to die.

      • Emily Rogers
      • So you actually believe that we can’t have localisations if hardware goes region free? Because that Shahid comment was a response to someone who believes that.

        • Anti
        • No, james said absolutely nothing of what you’re claiming. I completely agree with his statement about the Shahid plug, it’s pointless, and furthermore Sony doesn’t help with any localization. In fact they didn’t even want to localize Demon’s Souls. I can’t even name one recent JRPG Sony has localized recently.

    • Simishu
    • Any comments from Japanese developers? Seems important since the motivation behind the petition is to get more Japanese games in English, not the other way around.

      • James A. Calwell III
      • I’m saddened that of all the developers interviewed, only one of them even partially supports region locking. Region locking is a good thing, especially for Japanese developers who don’t want to be undercut by cheaper overseas pricing. Their economy is the biggest reason in favor of it. If it were to suddenly go away, it would not shift Nintendo’s position nearly as much as a few thousand people think it will. It would be a massive shift in the business for them, and that’s probably not something they would want to risk with their Japanese clients. Either way, Nintendo is not going to budge unless a majority puts its foot down and sends the message that they will not support Nintendo until it supports them. This majority can be either consumers (millions and millions of people) or developers (a few hundred of them or so). A few tens of thousands–who continue to support Nintendo financially by buying their products and using them to protest despite their grievances with them–is not a majority in the face of the millions of children and parents who don’t know or care about it, and (Japanese) developers aren’t making any active stands against it. Telling millions of children to care is a tall order even for the best petitioners, so the alternative is to convince Japanese developers to rally against Nintendo. So far, I have yet to see a single Japanese company to make a public statement bemoaning their inability to sell directly to overseas markets. Heck, I don’t think even Japanese gamers care about playing English games, and they are the most important voice in any matter concerning Japanese business decisions. Region locking is a two-way issue, and since only one hemisphere is active about it, that’s all the latitude it will ever get with the way people are going about it right now.

    • RedX
    • not really a big deal. Nintendo could just localize some of the games. Also only people who speak Japanese or could read japanese is a problme for them. kinda selfish if you ask me.

      • Emily Rogers
      • There’s a lot of games in Europe that don’t come to America, and many North American games that don’t come to Europe. They’re all in English.

        Region locking is not just a Japanese thing.

    • Dietrich Bowar
    • I enjoyed another article from Emily.

      I guess the next million dollar question is why does Nintendo release its products in the United States on Sunday? This pretty much kills any mid-night release because retailers do not want to pay workers to stay there on a Saturday night when people can simply come in Sunday morning. I personally feel this kills a lot of the hype and fanaticism we see during mid-night launches of the AAA games as well as consoles.

      I realize the release dates are getting closer across the 3 territories, yet I feel they are still too far apart and I am not sure if we can get a singular world wide release with 3 territories releasing products on 3 different days of the week.

      I also find it silly how much more VC offerings the Wii U has in Japan compared to the other territories. The number is not even close.

    • sdsichero
    • Region-locking doesn’t only prevent you from playing foreign games on your machine, it also prevents you from buying a foreign system and playing localized games on it. Since Reggie says we don’t get all the different 3DS’s here because of retailers not knowing how to handle SKUs (could have sworn the DS had more models here), why not be able to buy the machine you want and be able to play your games on it?

      My DS Lite was region free and from Japan. I played all my USA games on it.

    • Craig
    • Yeah, Josh is clearly ignorant to certain aspects of region locking and is only really seeing this from a slightly Nintendo fanboy point of view.

      99% of the actual developers are telling you that region locking doesn’t make sense and the vast majority of the gamers I’m hearing would rather not have it or at the very least would certainly not complain or be any worse off if it were in fact removed.

      Basically, in this day and age there really isn’t a genuinely good argument for having region locking and it should be removed.

    • Vinny @vinimzo
    • I’ve seen some of you saying that one of the benefits of region locking is “lower prices on poor areas”.
      I live in Brazil. If you go now to the most popular stores to buy any Wii (not wiiU) AAA titles like New Super Mario, Mario Party 9 or Mario Kart it will cost you R$169,00. That’s US$80.00.
      Expect to pay US$65 for a 3DS title. And around US$35 for a DS title.
      The cheapest games around here are XBOX360′s mainly because Microsoft is the only company that actually cares about Brazilian market (Sony is trying too but started only few months ago).
      So, is region locking lowering prices in some markets? I don’t think so.

    • Menashe
    • Good stuff as always Emily! I’m hoping Nintendo listens again, as they did the last time you did a massive indie “round-up”.

      I think part of the region-locking issue stems from an earlier bottleneck in the way Nintendo functions as a business. Nintendo AS A COMPANY keeps its three main regional branches (NOJ, NOA, NOE) running very independently of each other. I question the effectiveness of the communication happening between the three divisions. Nintendo of Japan is basically considered the head and brain of the company, and they are given the opportunity to control the direction of the company’s initiatives, direction, and priorities overall. Nintendo of Europe and America are then tasked with figuring out how to translate the “Nintendo of Japan” experience to their respective regions, in terms of marketing, pricing, promotions, etc. But they mostly have to fend for themselves with whatever they are given.

      You can assume Reggie doesn’t actually make too many decisions that will affect Nintendo of Japan. The fact that Dan Adelman was able to create his own indie initiative on the Wii U, which built up steam and took off, is quite remarkable. It got to the point that Nintendo of Japan took notice of this area of success in America and began reacting towards expanding on it by allowing Dan to relax the stricter indie policies and by designating resources towards creating the Nintendo Web Framework and Unity3D promotion. That’s an exception to the rule and Dan should be commended for working with what he was given to create waves that rippled back to NOJ.

      But on a whole, one of Nintendo’s bottlenecks is the inter-operation between their regional divisions. I think that region-locking is just a derivative of that larger mode of functioning. Nintendo looks at its divisions as completely separate companies and the systems and games that get sold are tied to the respective Nintendo branch of its particular region. Nintendo of Japan doesn’t want to have to ever think about Nintendo of America-licensed games and vice-versa.

      I believe that when Nintendo begins a more efficient process of inter-operation between regions, then region-locking won’t be as much of a taboo for them. Maybe this petition will help Nintendo question on a whole how they want their regional branches to relate to each other.

    • peptides inc
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    • Parko
    • I’ve always wanted to import the Tingle game for Nintendo DS. Lucky for me, there isn’t a region lock on the DS Phat. Other than those two games, I’ve only ever wanted a handful of other games, so I guess you could say the region locks don’t bother me a whole lot.

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      I mean, I don’t wish to tell you how to run your website, however suppose you added a post title
      that grabbed a person’s attention? I mean Thirteen Wii
      U and 3DS Developers Discuss Nintendo

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