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Our lead in music track is Rainboom Dash which was provided by TrancebeatPony.

NES Transmission: Episode 1
Welcome to NotEnoughShader’s first podcast! NES community members assembled this week to talk about what’s currently on their gaming plates, the new ultra thin PS3, and the enigma that is the Wii U. The NES team also discusses whether or not the genre King of gaming is in need of being usurped. All this and more in NES Transmission: Episode 1.

NES Transmission Episode 2
In this week’s edition of NES Transmission, the podcast team talks about the ongoing drama over the Kevin Butler persona, the concept of crowd-funding with organizations like Kickstarter, and the current status of Japanese console game development. NES also reveals the winner of the Community Game Club poll! Tune in to hear all that and more on the latest episode of NES Transmission.

NES Transmission Episode 3
The gang gets together in this week’s episode to talk about the fate of the Vita, free-to-play models, DLC, MassEffect 3 and Nintendo’s expansion. Enjoy!