Terms of Service

Terms of Service

To use the services provided by www.NotEnoughShaders.com, you, the user, are freely agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Using Our Services

-          Must be at least 13 years of age

-          All submitted content in any form including but not limited to comments, forum posts, and article submissions must be legal and must not violate our Terms of Service

-          No submitted or published content will be used to conduct or promote illegal activities of any kind

-          Users must refrain from submitting or posting any content depicting explicit or graphic descriptions or accounts of sexual acts, or which contains materials that are threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, fraudulent, purposely deceptive, or leading to the invasion of another’s privacy or the violation of our Terms of Service

-          Users agree to notify the administration promptly in the case of a breach in security or protocol or any activity that conflicts with our Terms of Service

-          Users will refrain from engaging in activity harmful to www.NotEnoughShaders.com, its affiliates, or anyone else

-          You may not use or allow others to use your username, pen-name, or any other identifying tag on a service to e-mail, instant message, voice mail, fax, chat, or any other means of contact for unsolicited bulk communication or for purposes of advertisement

-          You may not access the website for the purposes of harvesting or collecting information about other users for any purpose without our express written authorization

-          Multiple usernames are permitted but frowned upon and may result in the termination of all accounts or associations with www.NotEnoughShaders.com at any time for any reason

-          www.NotEnoughShaders.com will not be held liable for any harm to any persons or for any form of misconduct perpetrated by its community of users


-          The user understands and will comply with our policy pertaining to the of screening materials submitted for publication on www.NotEnoughShaders.com as expressed in the following – materials are subject to editing and modification by the administration and are subject to evaluation and subsequent rejection for any reason as determined by the administration

-          User relinquishes rights to all submitted material and will not hold www.NotEnoughShaders.com, it affiliates, or any members of its staff in contempt or liable for any materials submitted for publication

-          www.NotEnoughShaders.com will not be held responsible or held liable for any materials published on behalf of the user, including but not limited to edits made to materials prior to and proceeding publication of submitted materials

-          www.NotEnoughShaders.com is not liable for any user submitted material that may result in legal action by any party. By submitting to www.NotEnoughShaders.com, you agree to refrain from holding www.NotEnoughShaders.com liable for any legal action you may face as a consequence of publication 

-          All submitted content will be absent of wrongful appropriation of materials and will include proper citation to all relevant parties involved in accordance with but not limited to the language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions of materials appropriated by the user

Prohibited Use

-          User may not use or allow anyone else to use any submitted materials for personal monetary gain and understands that all materials submitted to or published by www.NotEnoughShaders.com are owned as property solely by www.NotEnoughShaders.com unless otherwise stated

-          Services may not be used to promote, advertise, or sell anything without our express written authorization

Site Content

-          All content on the site including but not limited to trademarks, written works, videos, and custom images are property of www.NotEnoughShaders.com or by suppliers and may only be used as specified by the administration and owners of the site

-          www.NotEnoughShaders.com makes no representations or guarantees about the truth, accuracy, or quality of any content but will strive to maintain the highest standard possible for published content as determined by the administration

-          The site and its administration will not be liable for the consequences of using or relying on any content that is posted on the site


-          www.NotEnoughShaders.com and its administration reserves the right to remove or reject any content submitted or published by users to the site for any reason